December 18, 2020
My VP...

So today is the day, Kamala Harris will be the first WOMAN, the first AFRICAN American, the first INDIAN American and the first ASIAN American to serve as Vice President of the United States.

I typically keep my political views to myself, but I feel like this is an historic moment and I am praying that one day I will be able to share this experience with my children and my children’s children.

This is about women empowerment and you know I am all for uplifting and supporting women of all races. This moment makes me believe that one day I could be in a position to change the lives of others. Black women can lead! This also gives hope to the women who may want to pursue political leadership; these women will know that there are endless possibilities.

I feel like I am going to be an emotional wreck watching this Inauguration! As Kamala Harris raises her right hand tomorrow to become the first woman to take the vice-presidential oath of office, I’ll be raising both my hands and giving God praise!

This was not only a win for women of all races, but this was a win for American democracy.

“We did it Joe!”

My VP...
Enough said!


  1. Andrea Alexander says:

    Enough said!! You are so right this is one door open for many women and of all races but especially the races that gets overlooked! You are already a woman that’s changing lives! I know you impact mine! Thanks for all the knowledge you share and positive vibes you send!